I’ve been told I live my life backwards. What does backwards mean. Is there a right or wrong when it comes to life. Is there backwards or different. I believe that those are two very opposing terms that should not be intermixed. To tell someone that they are living their life backwards seems to belittle them. Who are we to judge another in the manner in which they decide the course of their life. There may be choices we would not personally make, risks we may not be willing to take ourselves, or opportunities we would not look into, but this does not make them wrong or backwards by any means. I have seen this scenario a million times over. One individual does things differently than someone else and the other person always has to have a say. If it’s not the way they would do things, or the manner which is familiar to them it suddenly becomes backwards. Where is our capacity to accept and celebrate our differences between ourselves. I think that is the one thing we can celebrate the most about us, is that no two of us are exactly the same. We all have a different outlook on life and that is beautiful. I believe that with our many different outlooks on life we will encounter new and exciting experiences, each catered to our needs, our wants, and desires. This life is supposed to be about learning, growing, progressing, teaching, loving, losing, experiencing, why are we spending time focusing on how other people are living their lives. If people want to label my life as backwards, then so be it, I can’t change a person’s mindset. I love my backwards life. I fly by the seat of my pants, the only way I know and love. It has taken me to meet the best people, to learn, to grow, to progress in my own personal way. My backwards life has taught me to work hard and play hard. There is not a second to be wasted, time is of the essence. Let us fill it with as many things as we possibly can. I hope I never have a second of boredom, there is too much to do. I love my backwards life, I really do. I hope we can all live a backwards life in our own ways. There is no right way to life, only different ways. Life, a journey, traveling from one place to another, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, career wise, it goes on and on. A backwards journey we each get to decide for ourselves and celebrate with others that they get to decide their backwards journey too. It’s up to you. Go have a backwards life, but only if you want.